some subjects attract my attention repeatedly. some photos are special to me. here is a place to feature those pictures. and a selection of the best 12 photos per year since 2012.

scotland (2016) / rlty (2003–) / hundeleben (2014) / dungeness (2014 & 2015) / a blurry world (2005-) / black and white (2000–) / one day under ground (2002) / live (2005-2011) / 12 photographs/year (2012–)
12 photographs/year (2012–)

a good crop

i was blessed with very nice light ambiences and was lucky to stumble across many picturesque places on a few occasions in 2018.

i didn’t photograph that much in 2017. my personal best of selection consists of only five photos, all of them taken on travel in july.

2016 featuring traffic cones, garbage bins, pigeons, sheep, a dog, a kangaroo, water, sunsets and a thunderstorm.

2015 stockholm. berlin in november meant birds above alexanderplatz and dark and blurry impressions from friedrichstraße for me. kent, especially visible decay in margate, east views from dungeness and reculver.

basset @hannover (internationale rassehundeausstellung)


2014 including photographs from belgium, amsterdam, kent/uk, maritime shots and a basset.

waiting @spo


2013. there are only twelve photographs from 2013 on this website. for this selection i picked the best three, among them a bus shelter on a rainy day and a classic black and white shot from delft.

taxi 7y91 @nyc


the 2012 selection features images from england, wales, the isle of skye and ney york city. among them parked cars, an ice-truck, a skull and moods of light.