nearly none (just a few months of agency experience as a student, primarily assigned to politics). three come into mind:

  1. example for the tagging of image manipulation

    example for the tagging of image manipulation

    there’s a wide range in how to inform readers about image manipulation. one weekly newspaper cropped a picture of federal minister jürgen trittin and published it in black and white. a weekly news magazine published another shot from this press conference. it deleted the arm of a person who stood nearby. only the newspaper tagged the published image as manipulated.
  2. it is an advantage if you’re able to offer rare material. in 2003 actor larry hagman presented his biography in berlin. image stabilizer technology was not that common then. after mr. hagman banned flashes i was the only one who was able to shoot on, because i had packed a monopod. material from that photo op sold significantly better than my personal average.
  3. sex sells. while material that was considered as well worth publishing by the agency and/or me stayed in their database forever a handful of pictures taken on a bus tour with strippers led very soon to a few double pages.