father, husband, dog-owner, amateur photographer ❤ dusk, dawn, bokeh

this is intended to be something like a photo blog. besides the complete photostream on the front page you’re invited to have a look at this hand picked ★★★ photo selection or at 12 photographs/year. you can also browse by #tag or category or view some photosets.

it’s a pleasure to have you here. i hope you enjoy it!

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publications and exhibitions

my photos are published worldwide and have been on public display. ard, berliner morgenpost, bild, bild am sonntag, bz, financial times deutschland, focus, gala, geolino, hamburger abendblatt, handelsblatt, mein hund & ich, msn.com, neue westfälische, rheinpfalz am sonntag, salzburger nachrichten, spiegel, spiegel online, stern, stuttgarter zeitung, die welt, welt am sonntag, weser-kurier, westfalen-blatt, zdf, die zeit etc. side note: this portrait became a full page.

exhibitions: 2003 berlin – gesichter der hauptstadt (translates to: the capital’s faces), spenge. 2003 (this photo as part of a set) + 2004 (this one) participation in traveling exhibition 100 bilder des jahres (gesellschaft für fotografie). 2005 (this photo) participation in be my lensbaby (and contest winner), monochrom berlin.

international photography awards 2016: i was awarded a honorable mention in the section special/pets for a set of 5 images compiled from hundeleben.

self-portrait with suvs, 2015

self-portrait with suvs, 2015


i made a table that lists my current and former equipment.

image manipulation

please note those remarks about my usage of image manipulation software, if that matters to you.