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Privacy policy

This information concerns especially usage analytics, your right not to provide information, the Jetpack plugin provided by Automattic Inc. and emails.

Usage analytics & Cookies

The analysis of your usage is done by the software Piwik, which I run on my server in Germany. Piwik uses cookies. I do not and cannot know who you are.

Your IP address is stored briefly to determine your home country and your internet service provider. After this the IP address will be permanently anonymized. I cannot find out who you are. Nevertheless, I know how you use this website (eg page views, duration of your stay, referring website) and the configuration of your device (eg browser, operating system, screen resolution). These data will be permanently stored in a database.

Cookies: For the purpose of creating pseudonymous user profiles Piwik makes use of the following cookies (text files that are stored in the browser and/or your device):

_pk_id. – valid for 365 days
_pk_ref. – valid for 365 days
_pk_ses. – valid for 30 minutes
PIWIK_SESSID – valid until you end your browser session

Right to object (opt-out)
  • If you do not agree with this website storing cookies on your device, you can configure your browser to block cookies from this domain.
  • Your visit is excluded from any analysis if you’ve set the DNT (do not track) signal in your browser.
  • You can also object to the future inclusion of your visits in the analysis of this site by setting a cookie to opt-out (this cookie is named piwik_ignore). To do so you have to make the appropriate settings in the following checkbox. As long as the opt-out cookie is present, your visits of this website are not included in the analysis. If you have already opted out you can opt in again by checking the checkbox.

Unfortunately I can’t present the information below in Englisch. Your usage information is collected by this website if the checkbox (followed by bold text) is marked. To oppose against this you have to uncheck the checkbox.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts are not in use anymore (change: 2016-07-24).


To accelerate the delivery of this website’s contents (Photon content delivery network) I make use of the Jetpack plugin that is provided by:

Automattic Inc.
132 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

I assume that your ip address, your browser configuration, your language setting, a timestamp etc. are transmitted to and stored by Automattic when image data from this website is displayed on your screen. For further details please see their privacy policy.


If you send me an email, I’ll store this data. my email-address is provided by Google Inc. (see above for details). Please see Google’s privacy policy for further details. Communicating via email may be susceptible to security breaches: emails could be read by third parties. if you have any concerns against using email, please consider contacting me using other ways.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (details above).